As Promised…Grandkids!

One of the excuses I used to take a break from the Appalachian Trail was to meet my newest grandchild, Alden McCoy Reece, born in May. And I promised someone pictures, so, without further ado:

Alden McCoy Reece with dad, Josh

At three months he is, perhaps, the happiest little kid around, except at nap time. (I think he knows he might miss something.)

Big Sister, Hattie Mae Reece, with ice cream. After she scooted herself back into the easy chair she sighed, and said, “This is nice.”

When I asked Hattie if she was happy to have a little brother, her face clouded over as she said, with brutal child honesty, “No, I wanted a sister.” Maybe Alden will, you know, grow on her.

And mom, Courtney!

Since Alden can’t talk very well yet, and Courtney and Josh just say your standard mom and dad stuff, I’ll share one more Hattie-ism. In a pond near the house they have discovered a snapping turtle; however, thanks to Hattie such a turtle will forever-after be known as a “smacking turtle.” Thanks Hattie.


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